Winter of Stitch Fix: December, 2015


Stitch Fix hit it out of the park this month with two pretty amazing dresses. Asking for cotton stuff and no more polyester or rayon has made my life FANTASTIC. 

Stitch Fix: November, 2015 (the land of black and burgundy)

Apparently, burgundy is the hot color of this season.

Who knew? 

Not me.

Thank god for Stitch Fix. 

Stitch Fix: October, 2015

My cat, Sake, was really stoked about this Stitch Fix.

(Not really.)

(I probably didn't need to tell you that, eh?)

Okay, let's get started.

Stitch Fix: September, 2015 (aka the month they sent me boring basics)

All hail Summer! Summer is at an end.

Colors, apparently, have died with it. 

Stitch Fix sent me some solid stuff this month, but they seriously have to up their color game. Granted, I have begged for a basic cardigan for a while now, but I believe they forgot that asking for one piece does not mean all pieces need to be super drab. 

That being said, this was a pretty good fix. 

Stitch Fixin': Summer is ending

It's August, and that means that Stitch Fix has begun sending me fall clothing. As sad as that is, I kind of like fall clothing, so this was a pretty exciting box for me. 

On top of that, Stitch Fix has brought the prices of the pieces they send to me under control (everything in this box was under $100 - which is pretty good for them since some of their stuff can get into the three digits fairly quickly.) 

Let's get started. 

One year of Stitch Fix! July, 2015 Edition

This is my thirteenth Stitch Fix shipment, which is kind of nuts. A year ago this month, pretty much all of my clothing shopping changed. These days, I pretty much buy work out clothes and the odd splurge at White House Black Market. Other than that? It's all Stitch Fix. 

And that is fucking awesome.

No malls. No dressing rooms. No having to worry about trends, or even actually picking anything out. 

I love Stitch Fix. 

That being said, this month was a rough one. 

Stitch Fix: June, 2015

I know at the very least Kristina has been eagerly waiting for this post so... wait no more. You get to tell me what looks good and terrible on me from my Stitch Fix box! Side note: I think it's been a year since I started getting this stuff and honestly, I wear 80% Stitch Fix (at least one piece of clothing, that is) every day. That's pretty impressive. 

Stitch Fixin' for Spring: May, 2015

Spring Stitch Fix Edition comes with colors and dresses, exactly what I asked for. 

I can't tell if I like everything in this box or am not sold on almost any of it. More than ever, I really need advice. 

April's Stitch Fix: Getting better, but still really old

Last month's Stitch Fix was brought to you by the color navy, so for this Fix I begged for funkier, edgier, more colorful stuff. 

They... Kind of sort of maybe did that. Maybe. 


A new place to write

I've started writing on Medium.

Before, when I had something I wanted to write about, I'd post it here. Usually my posts would get decent traction (and then there was that time that Kotaku had a slow Friday and published an article about one of my blogs.) Most people who come here, though, are people who know me or my friends, and you guys can hear me pontificate about what I write about over a beer or on Mumble. 

So I started writing on Medium. 

I write about work issues and philosophies, tech, women's issues, hobbies, current events: the normal stuff you'd see me writing about before. Right now, I'm publishing about once a week, and so far I've had some really good pick up and positive feedback on my work, which has been really motivating for me to keep going. Medium Staff has even recommended a couple of my articles, making me feel like I'm headed in the right direction. I'm an English and Creative Writing major, after all: it's about time I started holding myself accountable to publish stuff regularly. 

I'll still be writing over here but it will be increasingly personal bloggish type stuff. I'll leave the Big Topics for Medium - and I hope you come read them. Tell me what you liked, what you didn't like, and tell me what you want to hear more of. (Seriously. I need topics. Please send help.)