vivid dreams.

i've been having really vivid dreams lately. i don't have time for both, so i'll write what i remember of my vampire one.

basically, i was in a nightclub-type place, with people i knew, including shackers. i was wearing like a fancy white bodice/corset/tank top thingie and a nice long black skirt. and a cape. yes, i know. whatever. it was a cool cape. and as i'm walking along this upper deck lounge area with a drink in my hand, something happens and the drink shatters. i believe someone knocked into me. anyway. a shard of glass goes into my left index finger, right above the second knuckle. i remember it very vividly, looking down, and seeing the blood, and realizing with this wave of nausea that i was a vampire, and i had no idea how i'd become one, and the fact that i was bleeding would make me want to feed, and i freaked.

i tore off my cape and i basically ran over, absolutely hysterical out of my mind, to my friends. and there was this hybrid-type person that was askedrelic there who stood up and kind of shook me by the shoulders. (his hybird was with a kid named alex hallowell who i knew in middle school. which is weird. but we're just going to keep going.) and i held out my finger to him and told him i was a vampire, and somehow this made sense.

there was a rush of panic and he was like "we're going to have to get you fixed up" and he went walking over to someone that we knew was an older, head vampire (who was on the bottom floor), and askedrelicalexhybrid said "i need to make her not a vampire" and the guy kind of laughed and told me to step into this circle, then.

so i stepped back and i was lifted up like 20 feet off the ground, and then 4 friends who were standing at the cardinal direction points around me were also lifted. and the head vampire said, "now tell me the four numbers of the vampires who made you."

and askedhybrid was like "what??" and in this tone, more demanding than explain, the head vampire let askedhybrid know that to turn into a vampire, 4 vampires had to do something to you, and they each had a code to unmake you. you didn't need all 4 present to undo it, just the code... and the guy assumed we had the codes, which he really wanted, because 2 of the vampires that made me were missing, and the other 2 in hiding.

i got dropped then, and in a frenzy askedhybrid was trying to get me out of there and i was so weak, and crying, and i said, "it's no use, they own this place. we'll never get out."

and sure enough, we were brought into a back room. i was so tired and worn and scared, but askedhybrid turned more into the personality of the asked i actually know, and started to try and smooth talk his way out of this. the dream ended by him reaching up to fumble through some glass cabinet and someone being like "do you even KNOW what you are touching???"

i woke up to a phone call, and the dream was so real i actually looked down at my finger, because it still felt like it should be bleeding from the glass.