April's Stitch Fix: Getting better, but still really old

Last month's Stitch Fix was brought to you by the color navy, so for this Fix I begged for funkier, edgier, more colorful stuff. 

They... Kind of sort of maybe did that. Maybe. 


My Fix definitely was ready for Spring. First up, a pair of grey skinny jeans and a grey quilted vest (okay, so, maybe out of the gate they are failing on the "brighter" category.) 

Before I even put on the vest Mike was shaking his head "no." This is the second vest they've sent me and the second I'll be sending them back. I don't know what's going on with vests but I feel like... like a futuristic cop from an 80s action movie? Also, I don't have any shirts to wear under this thing. I'm wearing a workout shirt. Seriously, I haven't had a plain black tee shirt or long sleeved shirt since I became friends with Cailin (mission accomplished, honey! You done good.) 

The pants, on the otherhand, I kind of adored. I've given in to the fact that I'm a skinny jeans wearing hipster by now, so I thought "oo, these are a lot like the green pants they sent me!"

...And then I looked at the price tag.

Now, I'm okay with expensive clothing, but these fuckers were $148. Seriously. 



For $88? Yeah, I'd have kept them - and that's the price point they usually send me. Fuck, for $108 I probably would. But plain grey skinny jeans sans real pockets? No. Gonna have to give me something more awesome than that. 

Next up: an airy white sweater. 

You might be asking "Elizabeth, what the fuck are you doing right there?" and that's a very astute question. 

What am I doing? My best "help my arms are fucking giant and hulking out of this sweater" routine. You can't really tell in the photos, but I can't actually pull the entire sleeve up my forearm beause my forearm is too large for this sweater. I work out an' all, but what the fuck, guys? The rest of the sweater is loose, so it's not too small - a Large would look stupid - but if I flex my biceps the seams literally strain against my arms. 

It's a shame, too, because the sweater's pretty badass. Unfortunately, me and my giant arms had to say goodbye to it. 

Ah, that chiffon-y camisole bullshit that Stitch Fix loves to send me and I'm super getting tired of. Mike hated this pattern although I liked the cut, but mostly, I am really tired of these shirts. I have like five or six of them from Stitch Fix now and it's getting to be summer. If I get a tiny bit sweaty it's going to show and that's really, really gross. I don't like this fabric. I have made a pact and I'm sticking to it: no more of these shirts, Stitch Fix. I'm warning you! 

And now... I have saved the best for last. 

Holy shit I love this dress. It comes without the belt but I just so happen to have a pink belt that perfectly matches it. I think I can pull it off with black, too, and now I'm in the market for a white one. Seriously, this is three months in a row they have sent me dresses that have made me so happy. I have never worn this many dresses in my life and I want more of them. I want all the Stitch Fix dresses. 

Okay, so, weigh in. What should I keep? What looks good and I thought looked bad and vice versa? Am I stupid for hating on $148 pants - are they that awesome I should keep them? 

Let me know!

Also, if you want a referral to Stitch Fix, click right here and use mine! Dawn partook and has gotten some awesome stuff (that I'm kind of jealous of, actually. Thou shalt not covet thy friend's Stitch Fix?) 

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