Stitch Fixin' for Spring: May, 2015

Spring Stitch Fix Edition comes with colors and dresses, exactly what I asked for. 

I can't tell if I like everything in this box or am not sold on almost any of it. More than ever, I really need advice. 

First up: white shirt and cropped patterned pants.

I hate wearing white (even though Cailin really likes it on me) and cropped pants make me feel like a midget or a giant or someone wearing ill fitting clothes. The pants also have a really interesting pattern. 

I either love them or I hate them. They are definitely not something I would ever buy on my own. 

Next up: green tank top. It's super wrinkly because I didn't unpack this box in forever, which might be telling, and it might be too plain. But it's summer, and things get hot in the city, so it might be awesome? 

To the dresses. The first is ruched and stripey, like a winter one I got, and while I feel like I need to lose a bit of the vacation stomach I have going on, I think I like this one. Mike isn't a huge fan but can't tell me why - so I'm not sure if both of us think the fit is wrong. 

Lastly, THE PINK DRESS. Pulling this out of the box I thought it was a trainwreck wrapped in a horror show but when I put it on I thought "holy fuck I really like this." 

I think it looks better with a belt (and I'm pretty sure Cailin will agree with me on that!) 

Thoughts? The shirts are $48 (normal), pants $98 (decent if you think I don't look like a dope) and the dresses $68 and $128 respectively. The only thing I'm fairly certain I'm keeping is the PINK DRESS because seriously, guys, look at that shit. 

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