Winter of Stitch Fix: December, 2015


Stitch Fix hit it out of the park this month with two pretty amazing dresses. Asking for cotton stuff and no more polyester or rayon has made my life FANTASTIC. 

First up, a dress they claimed would be good for my holiday party. I don't know about you, but I like to do it up at a holiday party and this is something I'd wear every day. I still think it's adorable, though. Also: don't ask me what I'm doing in this photo. I don't know. 

Next up: another dress! It's actually super dark navy. Mike said the stripes hurt his head, but I love the cut and fit. The shoulders are slightly ruched (I think on purpose) so would love to know if you guys think it fits well there. Also: not sure what's happening in this photo. I take these super early in the morning, okay? 

A casual shirt! Last month I kept the waffle shirt with the crochet shoulders, so I think that's why I got this one. I dig the ridiculously long sleeves. I am unsure why it has zippers on it, but I think it makes it look nicer than a regular long sleeve shirt? Also, I don't actually HAVE any long sleeved shirts, so there is a need for them in my life. 

Blazer! Yet again, I like it, and yet again, my shoulders and boobs make this thing too small. In fact, I think the sleeves might be too small, too. Do I exchange for a large or is this just not worth it? 

And last but not least, a scarf! I don't need another scarf, but if I end up keeping everything else, I wouldn't mind having this, too. 

So, what say you? What should I keep, what should I send back? Should I get the jacket in a larger size? 

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