on being the opposite of an obsessive bride.

you may think, from what i'm about to tell you, that i am an obsessive bride. to that, i'll say this: first off, i'm fucking nuts, and you know that if you know me, so you have to take what i'm doing within the context of how i do everything in my life. that being said, i know my wedding isn't until march 2012, but i know my release schedule this year and i know when work is going to rear up and punch me in the face. because of this, i know i actually have very little time to plan things as i won't be doing any of it in the spring, summer, and fall - that will be all work. no play.

anyway, as much as i hate all this girl stuff, there is one aspect of it i find redeeming: beating prices and trampling estimates more people have. i think having a $1000 cake to be ridiculous. finding one for under $500? FANTASTIC. DJ? good lord, at least give me a real DJ, not a wedding one. flowers? why the fuck do you spend thousands on flowers? i'll take $400 worth, please. i don't get the point.

this is a party. which means: great atmosphere, food, booze, and dancing. this is a milestone. which means: awesome photographs. beyond that? has to look good, and be fun. i'm not in some bridal pissing contest, and i'd much rather spend my money on trips or electronics.

anyway, so far, i think i've figured out these items: dress, shoes, flowers, DJ, venue, food, cake, flowers, photographer, hotels, honeymoon, registry, save the dates, invitations. what do i have left? hair and that girly shit, transportation and/or shuttles, rehearsal dinner, boy outfits, programs and other random crap.

pretty good, eh?

on the topic of video games, social networking, and the fact i'm not working right now.

frequently, i talk about the internet, forums, twitter/facebook or other social networking with both incredulity and disgust. it's not really disgust - it's really fascination and admiration and a little bit of embarrassment - but i find myself saying stuff like "and i find that hilarious and awesome and it also makes me want to punch myself in the face a little bit." for example: i have a lot of work relationships that are maintained and thrive via twitter. now, i love twitter. not only is it awesome for 2K Games, but it's also awesome for me - for example, my best friend felicia just moved to australia. if i ever want to talk to her, texting is out of the question, but twitter is just as (if not more) effective. and there are also nifty bonuses like meeting people from the microsoft team that unless they tweeted, i really would have never known. example on this: last night i was playing fable III on my 360 and i was invited to play a racing game (NFS) with e from MS. never met the guy, only ever tweet with him, but spent over an hour kicking the shit out of some MS guys (and other folks who i didn't recognize) in a smash-em-up game.

Turkey tetrazzini: Recipe style

A couple people have asked for various recipes I made during the holidays, and I can do this one by memory, so I'm typing it up for your reading pleasure. This recipe is from my mother's cookbook (I think she got it from my grandmother on my father's side, actually) and I augmented it slightly to spice it up. So here goes. Turkey tetrazzini, Tobey style.

well that was fun.

This morning I woke up to an email from Surpass Hosting, the place that runs this here site, informing me that my site was suspended because I hadn't paid them. Given that I'm an idiot who forgets renewing yearly payments, I was fairly certain this should be an automatic withdrawal and that someone should have emailed me before suspending my account if that were not the case.

After some investigation, it became clear that my primary email address blocks Surpass Hosting's emails because they are flagged as spam - and I didn't remember my password - and to get my password, I had to get an email from them or login.

As you can imagine, I just had a fun couple of hours.

Welcome back, dahanese.com! I'll try and not forget to pay your bill next year, but chances are, I will.

What the hell is Jejuning?

If you've been following my Twitter account for any length of time, likely you have heard me say at least once that I have been Jejuned. If you are confused, this blog post is for you. It probably won't make you any less confused, but it will at the very least explain what the hell I mean when I turn the word jejune into a verb.

First, some backstory.

Greetings and hello!

Well, hello there! You might have noticed some changes around the blog – and I wanted to give you a bit of a rundown on the hows and whys and what’s of everything new.

When I started this blog in 2006, blogs were more of the “internet journaling” type deal – and I used mine as such. I’m quite happy I did, also, because I have a nice record of some otherwise mundane memories – but as time passed, I got a pretty public-facing job, moved across the country, and the landscape of the internet changed, this blog has morphed pretty substantially. Particularly when I moved, it served as a great place to tell stories to my friends and family one time and have them all talk about it. However, just because I choose to be a public figure doesn’t mean the people I know signed up for it, so this space, albeit a banal one, was more of a private affair.

New apartment ahoy!

Last month, Mike and I moved in to a new apartment in San Francisco. Before, we'd always lived in big apartment complexes - in fact the one we came from was called a "luxury" apartment complete with pool we never used, yoga classes I missed because I worked too late, and barbecues that were always filled up by parties. Despite all of that, we liked the joint (it had a free 46" HDTV) - but the monthly false fire alarms and douchebags smoking by the hot tub outside our bedroom window at midnight made me curmudgeonly and surly, so we moved. (I also wanted a bigger place with hardwood floors and a gas stove, but surly is a valid reason, too.)

This new place is 1400 sq ft - nothing to sniff at compared to our oold 810 sq ft. I've been meaning to take photos of the place for a while now and I hope these do it justice.


October's been good. Engagement, wedding ideas, planned Christmas, moved into a new place (expect pictures early next week) and got to announce happy stuff at work which always is a bonus. Also, Halloween is coming up, which is my favorite holiday, and being in a new house I think I might actually have kids come by and I can give them CANDY which I haven't gotten to do in years and makes me REALLY FUCKING EXCITED.

I need to start planning Thanksgiving. My house is big enough to host one now, but I don't know if anyone else is stranded in this state and needs a place to eat turkey.




so i found out my dog has a twitter account today. how? because she started following MY twitter feed, and i got an email about it.

and no, i didn't do it. and neither did mike. and i still think asked might have done it, but he's not online to ask. it's definitely a shacker (prompted by the posts i've made about pan being ill last week, i guess, and her awesome professional pictures.)

i've actually posted back to her a couple times. i am actually referring to this feed as "her" also, which is even more hilarious. my dog is CLEARLY not twittering. she's sitting beside me right now.

this is like when i made that blog for sake. (and that was awesome, by the way.)

anyway, you want to see pancake's twitter? right here. can't imagine it will hang around long, as i bet the shacker responsible will get bored. still, she has 14 people following her. my fucking dog.

oh, internet.


hi to you jimmy eat world!

my second favorite band, without question, is jimmy eat world. (tori being first.) my second favorite album, without question, is clarity. (boys for pele being first.)

last night, jimmy eat world played the fillmore, a teeny venue 1 block from where i live. they played the entirety of clarity, as they published the album 10 years ago.

my friend lydia got me a free ticket. i had a ton of work, and almost didn't make the show, but mike got one for a steal on the street, and we went together.

yesterday was a horrific day for me, and i was quite upset and stressed.

but i heard them play all of clarity, live, and i was about 100 feet from them when they did it.

it was awesome.