Stitch Fix: September, 2015 (aka the month they sent me boring basics)

All hail Summer! Summer is at an end.

Colors, apparently, have died with it. 

Stitch Fix sent me some solid stuff this month, but they seriously have to up their color game. Granted, I have begged for a basic cardigan for a while now, but I believe they forgot that asking for one piece does not mean all pieces need to be super drab. 

That being said, this was a pretty good fix. 

First up: a two-fer. Here you see a blue shirt and some skinny olive pants. 

I'm a big fan of the shirt because it's almost identical to the other shirt I was in love with two fixes ago (which is the same style as the shirt I adored my first fix and died, alas, because a rivet fell off.) I'm concerned the fabric might get dark if I sweat in it, but damn it's cute.

I also like the pants but they can only be described as "olive green met in the army and mixed with a teeny bit of poo." It's a nice basic.

Now, on to the black cardigan.

This might sound extremely boring (because it is) but I only have a bright orange and pink cardigan right now and I wanted something that wasn't super drapey (I have tons of those) for the fall and winter. This is great, and the details on the shoulders make me feel fancy. Also, three quarter length sleeves FTW. 

Let's zoom out to DISTRESSED FLARE JEANS. On one hand: I love the color. On the other: these actually look pretty rocking on me. On the OTHER: what the fuck is up with that distressing and how the hell will I not destroy them immediately? On the OTHER OTHER: these claim to be a 28" waist and I own another pair of pants by this same designer in a 28" that is too big for me and yet these are pretty fucking tight. Like, so tight I am wondering what's going on with my life. 

Final piece.... I present to you... the flying squirrel sweater!

FINE. I know I'm not giving it a fair shake. Here's a more serious photo. 

Serriously, what is up with this thing? Is this a thing that if you are thinner or curvier or something you won't look like a child wearing your mom's sweater? How do I look stylish in this? I really don't think I can. I think if you have to ask that question, you've already lost. 

As always, if you want to join Stitch Fix (because it's amazing and the best) please use this link so I can get cool stuff, too. And please tell me what I should keep, what I should give back, and what I should get in the future!  

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