A new place to write

I've started writing on Medium.

Before, when I had something I wanted to write about, I'd post it here. Usually my posts would get decent traction (and then there was that time that Kotaku had a slow Friday and published an article about one of my blogs.) Most people who come here, though, are people who know me or my friends, and you guys can hear me pontificate about what I write about over a beer or on Mumble. 

So I started writing on Medium. 

I write about work issues and philosophies, tech, women's issues, hobbies, current events: the normal stuff you'd see me writing about before. Right now, I'm publishing about once a week, and so far I've had some really good pick up and positive feedback on my work, which has been really motivating for me to keep going. Medium Staff has even recommended a couple of my articles, making me feel like I'm headed in the right direction. I'm an English and Creative Writing major, after all: it's about time I started holding myself accountable to publish stuff regularly. 

I'll still be writing over here but it will be increasingly personal bloggish type stuff. I'll leave the Big Topics for Medium - and I hope you come read them. Tell me what you liked, what you didn't like, and tell me what you want to hear more of. (Seriously. I need topics. Please send help.) 

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Apr 17, 2015 at 12:57am
Medium is fantastic. It's made to be read. I loved your recent article Thoughts from a Woman who Posts on The Internet:


Keep writing!

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