forays into photography.

so, as you may know, i'm getting married next week. this is rad and all, but what is WAY MORE AWESOME is that i'm getting a full week in maui, sans blackberry and laptop, to do anything in the world i want. it's a gorgeous place, and it's our honeymoon, so i want to have some kick ass pictures. thusly, about two weeks ago, i began my search to figure out what kind of camera we wanted to get.

we had a few options: iphone with a waterproof case when we go in the ocean, point-and-shoot with a waterproof case, waterproof point-and-shoot, or DSLR and some other option of the above.

i went with that last one.


so i found out my dog has a twitter account today. how? because she started following MY twitter feed, and i got an email about it.

and no, i didn't do it. and neither did mike. and i still think asked might have done it, but he's not online to ask. it's definitely a shacker (prompted by the posts i've made about pan being ill last week, i guess, and her awesome professional pictures.)

i've actually posted back to her a couple times. i am actually referring to this feed as "her" also, which is even more hilarious. my dog is CLEARLY not twittering. she's sitting beside me right now.

this is like when i made that blog for sake. (and that was awesome, by the way.)

anyway, you want to see pancake's twitter? right here. can't imagine it will hang around long, as i bet the shacker responsible will get bored. still, she has 14 people following her. my fucking dog.

oh, internet.


holy shit meerkat!

long story short: a shacker has a girlfriend who makes fleece hats. i live in california, and have no need for a fleece hat, but it was inexpensive and i wanted to support her.

her hats happen to be animals. and i could request a custom animal. so, of course, i chose a meerkat. because that is, of course, the logical thing to do.

below is the result. i even have a comparison shot of me and a meerkat so you can see how uncanny the resemblance is.

if you want your own animal hat, go here: http://www.hideebugdesigns.com/

what does this say about my shacknews persona?

there is a new website, wordle.net, where you can make word clouds. someone took my most recent 200 posts (75,826 words) and filtered out the curse words, lol, and other non-important words. this is what wordle created as my most frequently typed words on that website.

my quote of the day.

in discussing cars on the shack, i found myself advocating the fit again. which, in general, is poopoo'ed by the very secure males that frequent that wonderful forum.

and from that conversation, this quote came out of my fingertips, and i liked it. so i'm saying it here.

"you just have to be comfortable with the fact that your car is not, in fact, your penis."


i have been told that i have been gloomy lately in my entries. and this is true. i have been pretty gloomy lately. some is irrational. some is not. some will mend. well, all will mend in time, right?

anyway. here's a list of things that are good, and that i am thankful for.

- cats that sleep on my feet
- miso who sits in my lap when i work on the computer
- pancake who has a cute face (we shall add to this later when she does not whine at 6 am, is potty trained, and i am over her chewing through my laptop cord which cost $86 to replace)
- an awesome fucking job
- an awesome fucking bunch of coworkers
- a car that i think is really awesome
- two sisters, a father, and a mother who are really supportive and fun and kind and wonderful
- a group of friends that now pull from real life means so that when i use internet forums, i can use them just to bullshit, and not feel the need to socialize with the people that annoy me there because i have no other friends and/or means to socialize, thusly i have to see them
- being debt free
- having lost some weight and enjoying thoroughly working out
- being an excellent cook and really enjoying it (and having a really awesome kitchen and easy access to barbecuing)
- lots of sunshine and good weather in california
- cheap, amazing wine
- accessible flowers so that i always have blooms on my kitchen table
- an apartment big enough to HAVE a kitchen table
- a farmer's market
- access to a city with all the food i like, and a town with all the takeout i could desire
- a beach within day's driving distance (albeit perhaps shark infested)
- knowledge that, no matter what the hurtles, i am successful, surrounded by loving and supportive people, and saving money, and that each passing day, these things grow stronger, and the goals that i am shaping for my future are becoming more and more real and incredible

a really great haiku, courtesy of a shacker.

Wagon tipped over
You lost: food, clothes, ammo, Paul
Fuck him anyway

i am sickipoo.

so last night i had my housewarming shackmeet. pictures of the apartment will be up soon, i promise. the even was good. we had about 17 people here, including ourselves, and played games and chatted. and it was not too crowded!

it's weird to have to stop drinking and sit around and let everyone sober up, but honestly, i'm glad they do that.

by 2 am, everyone had left but chris remo and jake, who stayed talking business with me till... 4.30 am? yeah. when finally i looked at the clock and was like HOLY FUCK and they left.

woke up at 10 and felt like hell. sore throat, stuffy nose, headache, body ache. i'm like, fuckin great. but, we clean up and go to the MOST AWESOME farmer's market ever. like... jesus. 100 or more stalls? so we buy some yummy food, and then i come home and make homemade bacon and eggs and brusselsprouts, and then i passed out because i felt like hell.

i miss sarah, and i miss dad. but i have to say i don't miss my tiny apartment. i miss my old friends, i miss new york partying, but i really love my job and what i'm doing here. i don't relish paying for gas and my car, but i really do like it here.

When Manhattan becomes the Thunderdome

so last night i woke up around 4 am to torrential rain and terrified lightning. loving that sound, i snuggled down happy.

but today i wake up and check the shack before heading off to work and hear that the new york subways are flooded and i'm going to have to walk to work. OH SNAP.

so i got about halfway there and then a cab stops and lets people out. YOINK. i stole that badboy because there is nothing worse than arriving at work sweaty and disgusting.

but seriously. it's like Thunderdome. hordes of people angrily fighting for buses and cabs. apparently the working subways are hysterically dangerous. some dude was fighting and BARKING at another passenger trying to get on a pack train.


man, i'm going to miss new york.