One year of Stitch Fix! July, 2015 Edition

This is my thirteenth Stitch Fix shipment, which is kind of nuts. A year ago this month, pretty much all of my clothing shopping changed. These days, I pretty much buy work out clothes and the odd splurge at White House Black Market. Other than that? It's all Stitch Fix. 

And that is fucking awesome.

No malls. No dressing rooms. No having to worry about trends, or even actually picking anything out. 

I love Stitch Fix. 

That being said, this month was a rough one. 

First up is a double: cropped jeans and a top. I asked for cropped pants, and I think I'm a 27 waist or something (which doesn't exist) because these are tight on my calves but without a belt, would definitely be too big ony my waist at 28". I guess I'll have to lose another inch and then get smaller jeans, eh? 

The shirt I was iffy on to start. I loved the cut of it, but flowers? Felt a little old for me. I think I'm sold on it, though, and I love the fabric. Also, apparently cobalt is an in color. WHO KNEW? NOT ME! THANKS STITCH FIX. 

Bonus picture because this was a two-item outfit. Also, because I'm trying to do goofy photos for these blogs from now on. Enough intense staring, you know? 

Next up: a dress. I asked for this in a tank top (you might remember it from last month's Fix when it appeared in orange as an almost maternity shirt.) Sadly, I feel like you need to be wafer thin to pull this look off. I feel like I might be rocking the "slightly lumpy lass in a nightgown" look with this. 

And then... this dress. You can't see, but it's bunching a TINY bit at the seams in the shoulders. I have weirdly sloping yet beastly shoulders, so this dress is a stretchy material and thusly will not make me Hulk out of it, but it's definitely tight around the shoulder seams. Also, I don't know if I love it or hate it. 

Last up: this shirt. This is something I've wanted for a long time. See, in my first Fix I got this shirt in black and it was my favorite thing ever until a stud fell off. I ended up getting a refund because they didn't have another in stock.

Problem with this version is, unfortunately, that it's cut so that I cannot get it off. This shirt isn't stretchy, and my aforementioned hulk shoulders are so big that I have to hang upside down to get it off without tearing it. So.... they are going to send me a large but I'm going to guess that's going to look super baggy on me. RIP shirt. I loved you. I don't know if I bulked up my shoulders since I last wore you or if you are cut slightly differently this time, but I'm really, really bummed because I love you. I love you so very much.

All right, so, what should I keep and what should I return? What should I ask for next time? And if you want to try out Stitch Fix, use this link and sign up! 


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