Stitch Fix: November, 2015 (the land of black and burgundy)

Apparently, burgundy is the hot color of this season.

Who knew? 

Not me.

Thank god for Stitch Fix. 

First up: two pieces in one picture! Dark bootcut jeans and a henley shirt that has this cool crochet detail on the shoulders that makes it casual but not. Or something. I think that's what people say when they have fashion sense. Probably with words that make more sense. 

While I'm sad that I am firmly in the "short" jeans category with these (seriously, that's their length) because I'm 5'6 and that's not fucking short goddamnit - I do like that I can wear these with flats. 

Bonus pose because Mike said I was being boring.

Okay, next up: burgundy #1. It's a shift dress with another crochet fabric. (This fix is also all cotton because I told them no more rayon or polyester. YAY.) 

I'm of two minds on this one: It's loose, so is it too shapeless and make me look terrible? But it's SO FUCKING COMFORTABLE so if I can pull it off, can I keep it, please? 

Next up: back to grey. This is a fitted dress with more crochet shoulder shit on it. It's one of those dresses where I say "Mike when I pooch out my stomach like this do I look too fat?" and he gives me this look like "Elizabeth you never stand that way shut up." 

Final piece: burgundy with a side of crazy eyes. 

I love this jacket with one exception: it has shoulder pads. I really need input into whether this is weird or not. It's really comfy cotton and stretchy so it doesn't confine my giant shoulders but still: shoulder pads? 

Here's another shot that shows my concern: 

You can kinda see them since the fabric is thin. Is this a thing we do? Are we bringing shoulderpads back? 

All right - tell me what to keep and watch to ditch! 

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