hair wee!

so i got bored. i haven't cut my hair in like, a year. and it was wicked long. and, because i find that male-dominated gaming forums to be the best place to get hair styling advice, i took a poll on the shack about how i should do my hair, including pictures of how my hair looked now, and different cuts and colors i got in the past.

then i went to dop dop salon in soho, and worked with nicole, who rocks, and got the best cut and color since i was like, 16 years old. and i'm very happy. of course, this hair cut meant i got carded ordering wine on sunday, and my father said i looked like a stupid high schooler... but you know, if it pisses your father off, that probably means you're doing something right.

mike made a nice before and after gallery for me. i love my sexy trying-to-pout look (lol) and also the amazing face i'm making in the last "before" picture. see my hair!

fuck you, lisa.

i was going to post this to the shack, but i stopped myself:
ugh. i'm pissed.

once i had a stepmother. i suppose she thought taking in 15 and 18 year old girls would be cake, and they would assimilate into her life easily. sadly, that didn't happen. she ended up kicking my sister out of the house, divorced my father messily and broke the news of that fact by telling me i couldn't come to my stepgrandfather's funeral or ever come home for christmas in a week, or ever again. never saw her, my dog, or stepsister ever again. she let me leave the presents in the mailbox.

anyway, she's a shitty novelist and now apparently a columnist for a newspaper. after years of silence, i guess she had a use for me:

q[Wine vinegar looks anemic after balsamic, and the water bottle has replaced the Thermos. We have calculators and laptops, iPods and Blueteeth. And we have lots of first days that we never had before, and never expected to have. We get downsized and relocated, we change jobs and careers, we leave the mommy track and then jump back on, we telecommute, we e-mail work everywhere. We marry and divorce. We acquire stepchildren and then lose them again.]q

thanks, lise, glad i was acquired. last time i checked, though, you didn't lose us. we got kicked out.

i reiterate my title. fuck you lisa. burn in hell.

an ode to james blocke.

blog peoples.

i have to say, james blocke is my rock. like a little lego of awesome, i adore him.

we now know that he a. listens to played and b. likes strategy games. moreover, he's a shacker who appears to have at least at some point thought i might have dignity or clout. WHICH IS AWESOME IF HE IS A SHACKER AND KNEW ME BEFORE THIS BLOG.

also, he's stuck around, and commented, but yet not given into the two traps i laid seeking his identity on the shack AND the played forums. to have the will to stay back from those? you are a man of steel.

he has passed my IP checks, so even if he is a hoax, james blocke, you are now a 3D pixel fixture in the rendering of my life. when i think i'm too emo, when i think i'm getting in too deep, and mixing the internet worlds of myself together, stirring the pot, when i think "god, what if everyone in all realms of my life heard this? what then?" and i think of you.

but you know what? it's cool. you're cool. and my sister thinks you are cool. (here's a sidenote, sarah, in the ode to james blocke, an ode to you. you are the bestest ever. seriously. and i wouldn't be so downtrodden about how i think you think of me if i didn't always want to be the little overpriced diamond in your belly button which you haven't gotten since you are a lameass. which, in short, means that even if i think you judge me, really i think you are spectacular and you walk on water like jesus. who, according to a talkshow, has risen again and is trying to prove to the world he exists. which would be really fucking hard to do if you were jesus, you know? i mean, goddamn. anyway. i'm digressing, i love you.)

and james blocke? i love you too.

you little lego man, you.

hay, make me famous (lol)


this is my podcast. the wonderful shackers put it on up digg. i'm desiring to get it up higher in the rankings because... i don't know. i can?

i know just about 2 of you read this, but, c'mon. digg's awesome. sign up. digg my podcast.

i'll give you a cookie. :-(

walking dead.

oh god, i need to get more sleep. i want to die. i don't even think i'm actually awake right now. i believe i am dreaming that i am at work.

in other news, last night on the shack someone put up a post asking what you would do if you actually woke up, and the world had been infected and everyone was a zombie. would you kill your significant other (if they were a zombie) and go road warrior?

in this situation, the living shackers were all going to band together and party, but it got me to thinking: do you have it in you to survive?

me? i don't think so. i can't even kill a fucking spider. i have dreams about rabid squirrels and i freeze up. and zombies freak me the fuck out, since only 1 bite and you're basically done for. i think i'd hide in my house like a pussy and end up getting eaten in some horrific fashion.

unless i was rescued by the shack squad. then i could hide behind them and be the Stereotypical Girl. that would be pretty sweet.

another editing poll.

wow, look at other shackers i didn't know reading my blog. hi kill virus (sorry, your name gets the no-numbers spelling).

okay, here's the deal. i don't know if i should change the font on my blog. i write my word documents in arial narrow -- that's my font -- but here, it looks kind of tiny. so here are the candidates:

make arial narrow bigger, like so.

change it to arial.

change it to verdana.

<<< insert your suggestions here with other fonts >>>


Comic Sans is eric's suggestion.

Also, Georgia.

Can everyone read Garamond?

And then there's tahoma. that's a good one.

oh, shack.


my boyfriend took one look at that photograph, and said, if anything embodies you, it is that pumpkin.