so i found out my dog has a twitter account today. how? because she started following MY twitter feed, and i got an email about it.

and no, i didn't do it. and neither did mike. and i still think asked might have done it, but he's not online to ask. it's definitely a shacker (prompted by the posts i've made about pan being ill last week, i guess, and her awesome professional pictures.)

i've actually posted back to her a couple times. i am actually referring to this feed as "her" also, which is even more hilarious. my dog is CLEARLY not twittering. she's sitting beside me right now.

this is like when i made that blog for sake. (and that was awesome, by the way.)

anyway, you want to see pancake's twitter? right here. can't imagine it will hang around long, as i bet the shacker responsible will get bored. still, she has 14 people following her. my fucking dog.

oh, internet.


holy shit meerkat!

long story short: a shacker has a girlfriend who makes fleece hats. i live in california, and have no need for a fleece hat, but it was inexpensive and i wanted to support her.

her hats happen to be animals. and i could request a custom animal. so, of course, i chose a meerkat. because that is, of course, the logical thing to do.

below is the result. i even have a comparison shot of me and a meerkat so you can see how uncanny the resemblance is.

if you want your own animal hat, go here: http://www.hideebugdesigns.com/

airplane food: redux

dear american airlines,

i apologize. it appears i falsely accused your coach class food of nearly killing me. instead, i do believe while i was in business class, someone was carrying a 24 hour flu bug of all evilness, and i caught it. i know this because denby wrote me today to tell me that yesterday he had my "food poisoning" and to accuse me of spreading illness and awful throughout the office. so while it's still your fault i got sick, it was at least not your food.

glad we cleared this up.



roasting pumpkin seeds, making pumpkin pie, carving pumpkins, playing dead space! perfect halloween.

we even ate in and out for dinner. in the car! just like a kid would do.

what does this say about my shacknews persona?

there is a new website, wordle.net, where you can make word clouds. someone took my most recent 200 posts (75,826 words) and filtered out the curse words, lol, and other non-important words. this is what wordle created as my most frequently typed words on that website.

and wee!

man. i am a really big dork. not only do i adore my job, and got to work on the game i have loved since i was like 12 years old, but today i came into my office and my producer presented me with this box. apparently they were made for the team, and i fucking squealed like a little girl on christmas.

...yes. yes it actually works too. i hit lydia with a dime. WHERE ARE JELLY BEANS I WILL BLUDGEON YOU WITH SUGARY PELLETS OF DOOM.

my quote of the day.

in discussing cars on the shack, i found myself advocating the fit again. which, in general, is poopoo'ed by the very secure males that frequent that wonderful forum.

and from that conversation, this quote came out of my fingertips, and i liked it. so i'm saying it here.

"you just have to be comfortable with the fact that your car is not, in fact, your penis."

a really great haiku, courtesy of a shacker.

Wagon tipped over
You lost: food, clothes, ammo, Paul
Fuck him anyway

fun with google.

It was understood, therefore someone of shacknews pointed out the translator of Japanese google from beta English. He passed through that Japanese which takes us, and that the post which was reset was nominated to English for the highest making merry noise. Rather than I try that, being able to imagine me it was the gold. So, the proper. I'm which does that for my blog. If you think that we would like to try that, as for link on the bottom, there is here. In addition, �??my original�?? post it is under queer word, before moving that through therefore whether me the translator, orginally it can look at those which are typed. So the pleasure. I before I send out those, think of that me we would like to move my E-mail entirely with this. My father putting me on the straight jacket, before being able, which rank you think? (You! The love which is sounded plunk)

Okay, so someone on shacknews pointed out the english to japanese google translator beta. he recommended we take a post, put it through japanese, then put it back into english for maximum hilarity. i tried it out, and it was more golden than i could ever imagine. so, of course. i'm doing it for my blog. if you want to try it out, here's a link, at the bottom. also, my "original" post is below the gibberish, so you can see what i orginally typed out before running it through the translator.

so much fun. i think i want to run all my emails through this before i send them out. how long do you think before my father got me put in a straight jacket?

(love you pops!)