walking dead.

oh god, i need to get more sleep. i want to die. i don't even think i'm actually awake right now. i believe i am dreaming that i am at work.

in other news, last night on the shack someone put up a post asking what you would do if you actually woke up, and the world had been infected and everyone was a zombie. would you kill your significant other (if they were a zombie) and go road warrior?

in this situation, the living shackers were all going to band together and party, but it got me to thinking: do you have it in you to survive?

me? i don't think so. i can't even kill a fucking spider. i have dreams about rabid squirrels and i freeze up. and zombies freak me the fuck out, since only 1 bite and you're basically done for. i think i'd hide in my house like a pussy and end up getting eaten in some horrific fashion.

unless i was rescued by the shack squad. then i could hide behind them and be the Stereotypical Girl. that would be pretty sweet.

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Sister #2:
Aug 02, 2006 at 5:54pm
I'd be fine. I'd set my falcon on that shit.

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