Stitch Fix, February, 2015

Welcome to February’s Stitch Fix! This month is brought to you by the color grey. Also: stripes. (This is not me complaining, by the way, but it is me looking at Cailin, my stylist who is pretty much the only reason I wear any color at all, and laughing maniacally.) 

Okay, on to the fix.

I asked for more formal stuff this time around: I have clothes to wear when I’m feeling lazy and for the price, I’d much rather get some nice stuff to wear out.


Stitch Fix Haul, January 2015

A new year, a new Stitch Fix! This month my stylist clearly got the memo that I didn't need any pants or skirts but I *did* need some darned sweaters to go over all the shells and blouses they kept sending me. Unfortunately, the stylist didn't quite hit the mark with what she sent over, but let's show the pictures while we discuss that part, yeah?

Stitch Fixin' in December

Over the past couple months I've received several requests to do another blog post about my adventures with Stitch Fix. For those of you who didn't read my first update, Stitch Fix is a subscription box service. You can choose how often you receive the box (I get mine once a month) but when you do, you receive five pieces of stuff to wear: clothing, accessories, or sometimes jewelry. These pieces are hand selected for you based on a pretty detailed style profile you fill out (and a Pinterest you keep up to date if you want) and over the months the styling gets more specific for your tastes based on feedback you give them each month.

This is my sixth Stitch Fix box, so suffice it to say I'm a fan of the service. I like it because a) now I don't really ever have to go shopping and b) it makes me go outside my comfort zone and wear clothes that I would likely never buy on my own. This is a good thing. I look more fashionable for it.

Okay, so let's get into this month's fix, shall we?