Stitch Fixin' in December

Over the past couple months I've received several requests to do another blog post about my adventures with Stitch Fix. For those of you who didn't read my first update, Stitch Fix is a subscription box service. You can choose how often you receive the box (I get mine once a month) but when you do, you receive five pieces of stuff to wear: clothing, accessories, or sometimes jewelry. These pieces are hand selected for you based on a pretty detailed style profile you fill out (and a Pinterest you keep up to date if you want) and over the months the styling gets more specific for your tastes based on feedback you give them each month.

This is my sixth Stitch Fix box, so suffice it to say I'm a fan of the service. I like it because a) now I don't really ever have to go shopping and b) it makes me go outside my comfort zone and wear clothes that I would likely never buy on my own. This is a good thing. I look more fashionable for it.

Okay, so let's get into this month's fix, shall we?

Over the past couple months I've received some great pants, many sleeveless shirts, and a couple nice jacket type things, so for this fix I asked for more skirts and stuff. The results were... interesting.

First up, my favorite part of the fix: the lace blue dress. The belt you see is mine (without it, the dress looked weird.) One problem with this dress: the top. It has this tiny little clasp to keep the bust closed and... well. My body decided to koolaid man through that thing, so I'll have to wear a camisole under this dress or be a bit skanky. Still, it's a fucking fantastic dress, so I'm keeping it.

(Mike asked me to take a weird face because I send these photos to my best friends and fashion consultants to decide what to keep or not.)

Next up: a casual skirt and shirt. The skirt has an elastic waist which is weird and also great for big meals. The sleeveless shirt fit AMAZINGLY but had this detailing on it that I wasn't sure about. Still, these two went together super well and the fit of the shirt won out, so I kept both.

Here's a close up of the detailing to show off what I don't love about it. It just feels... grandma to me. If this is actually fashionable, please speak up and let me know, because I'm still not sure if Stitch Fix is trolling me. Also, I have to sternly tell them that I have no sweaters or blazers to wear with these damned shirts, so please send me some next fix.

Okay, so, here's where shit gets weird.

...I... don't know really how to start with this. The skirt is a weird material, too. It's not actually wool, it's smooth. And the shirt. I just...


I mean, look at this thing. That mesh. The weird slit (sure I could wear a tanktop under it but then that mesh. What the fuck is up with that mesh?)

Both of these went back.

All-in-all, a solid fix, although not my best. All of these pieces I <i>could</i> have sent back for a problem (fabric, detailing, the fact that a teeny tiny little button should never try and keep a low cut dress shut) but overall the prettiness of the outfits made me keep 'em.

So, what do you think? Love 'em? Think my choices were good? What would you recommend I ask for in a future fix?

Also, if you want to try Stitch Fix, use my referral code! I think I get free stuff if you do. https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3792668

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