Stitch Fix Haul, January 2015

A new year, a new Stitch Fix! This month my stylist clearly got the memo that I didn't need any pants or skirts but I *did* need some darned sweaters to go over all the shells and blouses they kept sending me. Unfortunately, the stylist didn't quite hit the mark with what she sent over, but let's show the pictures while we discuss that part, yeah?

First up: an infinity scarf. I paired it with the winter coat I'm wearing most and... well, I loved it. At $34, it's also super soft and on par with many of the fancy scarves I've seen online and in stores, so this was definitely a winner.

Next: a fake layered sweater. First off, I pretty much hate these things on principle. Second, I already have a ton of layering sweaters. Seriously, I think I own this exact grey sweater from the Gap already. On top of that, I have about a billion tank tops to layer under shit like this. And fake plaid? Nope. Nope nope nope. My best friend also told me it didn't look great on me, so super nope.

Ah, the quilted vest. So, I wanted to give this a fair shot. My husband wasn't a fan of the piping happening with the pockets, but I thought "okay, vests. You hate vests. So give this one the benefit of the doubt." But seriously, quilted vests can make even a flat stomach look terrible. Don't love your stomach? This vest will make you super hate it. I also have no long sleeved simple shirts to wear under it, so like the shells I keep accumulating, I still wouldn't have anything to wear with this damned thing even if I liked it. Nope.

Funnel neck sweatshirt, I really did like you. Good color, good cut, but your sleeves were a little too short and honestly, you are too casual for me. I have a bunch of sweatshirts already. And while this one's more formal than most, it's still too informal for my tastes (I like to pretend I am an adult and wear dressy-ish clothes.) On top of that, this gem was $64 and I really couldn't stomach that price. If this had been $40, I probably would have kept it.

I've saved the best for last. This striped blazer is KICK ASS. It's thin, it's formal, it's funky, it can be casual, it can be worn with pain cotton tanks or my more fancy shells. It's just plain awesome. It's pricey ($128) but I loved its cut and look on me too much to pass it up. I expect I'll wear this all the damned time.

Okay, so, there's my Stitch Fix. Let me know what you thought of it. Did I make the right choices?

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2 Comments on "Stitch Fix Haul, January 2015"

Dawn E.:
Jan 04, 2015 at 7:01pm
(Found referral on your Dec blog, using)
Jan 05, 2015 at 6:34am
I liked the vest! You looked great in all of it though

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