on the topic of video games, social networking, and the fact i'm not working right now.

frequently, i talk about the internet, forums, twitter/facebook or other social networking with both incredulity and disgust. it's not really disgust - it's really fascination and admiration and a little bit of embarrassment - but i find myself saying stuff like "and i find that hilarious and awesome and it also makes me want to punch myself in the face a little bit." for example: i have a lot of work relationships that are maintained and thrive via twitter. now, i love twitter. not only is it awesome for 2K Games, but it's also awesome for me - for example, my best friend felicia just moved to australia. if i ever want to talk to her, texting is out of the question, but twitter is just as (if not more) effective. and there are also nifty bonuses like meeting people from the microsoft team that unless they tweeted, i really would have never known. example on this: last night i was playing fable III on my 360 and i was invited to play a racing game (NFS) with e from MS. never met the guy, only ever tweet with him, but spent over an hour kicking the shit out of some MS guys (and other folks who i didn't recognize) in a smash-em-up game.

What the hell is Jejuning?

If you've been following my Twitter account for any length of time, likely you have heard me say at least once that I have been Jejuned. If you are confused, this blog post is for you. It probably won't make you any less confused, but it will at the very least explain what the hell I mean when I turn the word jejune into a verb.

First, some backstory.

and wee!

man. i am a really big dork. not only do i adore my job, and got to work on the game i have loved since i was like 12 years old, but today i came into my office and my producer presented me with this box. apparently they were made for the team, and i fucking squealed like a little girl on christmas.

...yes. yes it actually works too. i hit lydia with a dime. WHERE ARE JELLY BEANS I WILL BLUDGEON YOU WITH SUGARY PELLETS OF DOOM.

doing good things.

so my friend, felicia, doesn't� have a ton of spare change. a good person gave her a 360, but fedex lost her 20 gig hard drive last week. and she was very sad.

then i found out she didn't have xbox live, or a headset.

so, in secret, i shipped her one.

the happiness of someone getting an unexpected gift is always 1000 times better than receiving a gift of any sort.

i feel a million times better today.

forza is amazing.

so last night i spent four and a half hours playing forza, most of them online against shackers.

forza, for those of you who do not live completely in the gaming world, is a racing simulator, probably the best one out there. you can drive almost any car, and the controls are very lifelike.

i haven't played a racing game (save mariokart, which i also suck at) since daytona on the sega saturn. and i was TERRIBLE at that game. but i really, really, REALLY love playing online with people, even if i finish in dead last every time. so i hopped on with multisync, and we created the shortbus squad, racing B class cars (which is middle tier.)

and yes, i was terrible. i rarely finished a race, and often i just had to crash into people because i was scared that avoiding them would make me spin out. and yes, i'm sure most people found it maddening, but i was very apologetic, laughed when they took me out in retaliation, and by god, i CANNOT WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN TONIGHT.

so much fun.

xbox live rules. especially since you have a headset that can make you talk shit as you swerve wildly around the track.

puzzle pirates is eating my brain.

so back in 2004 i got sucked into this game. i didn't realize how much i played it till the shackers started making noises about starting a shackcrew. i said i'd captain it. as of tonight, i think i'll have enough experience to become a captain. which is rad. also, ridiculous.

i was up till 2 am for the past 2 nights playing this game.

i am exhausted.