6-pact shack.

dude. i just added a new cat to this blog. working out huzzah!

so yesterday eric and i joined a gym, nysc, the passport membership that lets us go to any gym we want. i was sad, because the gym was supposed to have a pool, but it was like... 10 feet long and as the guy said "for therapy". it would just be embarrassing to do laps in the therapy pool. i don't even know how that would work. probably poorly.

so i signed up for a 2 year committment because i know, barring moving, i'll be here for 2 years (isn't that a really redundant sentence?) i didn't have to pay an initiation fee, so it was good. eric signed up, too, but he was a bit miffed by the 2 year thing. he might cancel. i mean, he seems to only want to lift, and 86% a month is a lot of money. i bet we could purchase him a bench and stash it somewhere in the back of the bedroom if he'd rather that. if he's not using all the cardio and stuff like i want, why not?

and so, i'm unofficially joining the shack 6-pact, which was basically to get in shape before quakecon (though we still don't know when or where that's going to be). i'm probably not attending quakecon, and i'm not actually posting the pictures of my progression on the shack, as they do, but i will be photographing and holding myself to their standards. i'm starting late, but that's just due to lack of money beforehand. who knows. maybe i'll put the pictures here. doubtful. eric seems to have a thing about me posting pictures of my body in a sports bra on the internet. WONDER WHY?!