everybody say wii-wii-wiiwiiwii-WII!

woo. that was fun.

nintendo announced that the wii was going to be no more than 250$. 250$?! and shackers are speculating the 250$ pricepoint will be for a "premium rig" if they release 2.

should be dropping either turkey or santa day this year, and you can bet your little pink BOOTY i'm going to be getting me one of these shits. mario kart and smash brothers HERE I FUCKING COOOOOME!

3.56 pm, update on the hotness. look at this shit. HOTHOTHOT!


brain age.

really, joey, this post is for you.

you must, i repeat, must go out and buy a nintendo ds. 1. it has wifi. 2. i'm sure i can get you hooked on some ridiculous games. 3. brain age.

brain age, oh brain age.

brain age is a new game for the ds that tests, well, your brain age. it has a bunch of tests about counting and colors and math and memorization that is just MADDENING. seriously, it's like middle school all over again, and my worst nightmare. i found myself on the subway today trying to memorize the multiplication tables. i was like "7 times 9... 63. yes. 7 times 8... uhm... 56. shit, FASTER, elizabeth, FASTER."

and i just used a calculator to check those, because i didn't want to post wrong fucking numbers. that's just embarrassing.

seriously. i never was good at this shit. in fact, i've never memorized my multiplcation tables since that scarring experience in third grade where i tried to jump out of the car. (another day, grasshopper. you don't want to go there.) but the shack posted a leader board of brain ages. and although it's doubtful i'll hit 20 (someone already has), i want to be damned near the top.

i'm to 28 right now. and it took a lot of cursing and swearing. i can't say the word "blue" right, for example. and because the ds can't pick up how i pronounce "blue", it's hurting my brain age. and i want to kill the fucking thing.

i think if it weren't for the competition on the shack, i wouldn't have bought this game. i know i wouldn't have. 20$ is better spent on tetris, which i still need, food, or clothing. but i NEED to have a good brain age.

also, it has sudoku. which, if you've talked to me, i swear is the fucking game of the devil. never before have i tried it, because it just seethes with everything i hate.

i've already completed three puzzles.

god, i hate myself.


rebuilding the beast.

So yesterday, Dad swung by my apartment around 1.45 and picked me, my old computer, and my new computer parts up. I had an Antec P180 case, an NEC DVD burner, and a new 80 gig hard drive to install.

We made our way to his office in Hackensack New Jersey and spread out to disassemble my old computer, which had been sitting open (due to overheating) in a cat-hair infested apartment for about 4 months. You can imagine the pure black gunk we found in the fans and heat sinks.

And it appears the county that Dad lives in�?� Closes everything food related on Sundays. Which is sad. Really sad. We could have used some compressed air. Alas, we sacrificed his office toothbrush to the cause and carefully dusted as much of that shit off as we could.

Pieces spread out on table tops, we tackled the P180. Which was a fine piece of machinery. Compartments, heating, the fucker can hold 6 hard drives easily. It was kind of sad�?� Since my equipment is 3 years old. I have an Athlon XP 1500, which is 1.33 ghz�?� a gig of ram (that�??s good), and a gigabyte 9550 radeon (that�??s pathetic). But for someone who plays WoW and the Sims as her staple games (and not even those right now, just the maximum I specced the 9550 to), it�??s really not a huge deal.

I�??ve got it all installed now, and itunes and shit works now, which is great, since my old interation of a computer didn�??t have a lot of useable programs since the data hard drive went down over the summer and kind of ruined the system. All the USB ports available don�??t work, but I think the mobo doesn�??t support them all�?� and it�??s kind of in the �??do I care?�?? category. I do wish the USB 2s worked in the slot that I didn�??t have to open the door to access�?� but since eric mainly uses USB 2�?� it�??s him that has to open the door. Not me.

And, of course, there was my GENIUS MOMENT of my computer putting togetherage. We took my old HD and were putting it in an enclosure to get the data off, since it had an OS on it and we didn�??t want to just shove it in the machine and confuse the boot drives. And all day I had been NEUROTIC about static�?� and then, as I shuffle across the carpet and lean down, I shock my hard drive. Like, hard enough to make my arm tingle. As I screamed and was cursing in agony, and my father was laughing at me, my data hard drive, still holding the remnants of my life, begins to click.

Yeah, it stopped, I got my shit off it, and right now it�??s in an anti-static bag if I ever need it again. But I mean, come on. Who in fuck�??s name does that? I�??m a fucking moron.

And that was my Sunday.