March's Stitch Fix is sponsored by the color navy

For this month's Stitch Fix I begged my stylist to send me more blazers and cardigans with buttons. I also asked her to send me more funky stuff. Whether or not she hit the mark on funky, I'll let you decide (to me there's a little bit of yes and a little bit of no) - but I can tell you one thing: Stitch Fix has to stop sending me blue shit. Seriously. It's out of control.

Okay, here goes. 

I really liked the dress I received last month so I asked for more. I'm a fan of this dress, but it's a bit plain. It's something I can see my friend Cailin saying "if you dress it up with a chunky necklace and a nice sweater it will look awesome" while I nod my head, thinking oh fuck what does that mean oh god what the hell how do I dress myself fuckfuckfuck. 

A-HA. Is this what Cailin would call a nice sweater or something? It's actually called a "drape blazer" - whatever the hell that is. I am self-conscious, though, that I will wear it in a jam packed and hot subway and get all stinky and look disgusting. (Yes, I just posted that on my public blog. I have no shame. Look at me. I'm a honey badger with a potentially stinky drape blazer.) 

This is a two-fer picture: skirt and blazer. First off, yes, I know, probably shouldn't wear this with a bright yellow shirt. Whatever. I took these before work. The skirt's knit and it feels a little retro for my tastes. The blazer is nice - I already have a navy blazer, though. Do women usually have multiple nazy blazers? Is that how you know you are an adult?

More nazy blazer, now on top of a navy dress. Also, apparently I fuck with my hair when I'm being photographed. 

Last up: grey cardigan (woot, something that isn't navy!) I've never had a cardigan that's this long. Does one wear it buttoned or not? 

Buttoned cardigan. My face shows how comfortable I feel with this thing buttoned and how much I adore these photo shoots. My expression seethes all those emotions. 

Okay, so, now to the good stuff: what to keep? I'm leaning towards the dress with a maybe to the white drape thing and the grey cardigan. Not loving the skirt and I have decided that I really don't need two navy blazers.

Also: what should I ask for in the future? Bright colors, cream and brown things, cool pants? 


Also, if I've sold you on how awesome Sttich Fix is, please use this link and order your own. Then send me pictures and I can tell you what to keep and what to send back. 

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