Help me raise money for Extra Life and Oakland Children's Hospital!

It’s Extra Life time! And that means… Elizabeth is live streaming herself playing games in order to raise money for the Oakland Children’s Hospital!

The past two years I’ve streamed for 24 hours straight (oh dear god, never do this) while hosting a show on behalf of my previous (and amazing) company Trion Worlds. It was awesome and actually last year I was the 58th top ranked fundraiser out of 43,416 people (not humble brag right there – but it was a lot of work!)

This year, since I don’t run a community team at a gaming company, my husband and I are doing Extra Life on our own (in conjunction with Thursday Knights, the livestreaming tabletop roleplaying group I’m part of – and they are rad, you should check us out!) I’ve set my sights to raise $200 but I want to make you guys a part of my fundraising, so here’s my plan.

If you donate over $5 to me, you can select one of the below games and I’ll send you a gift code. Just leave your game selection in the comments when you donate (also add in your Twitter name so I can DM you the code!) First come, first serve.

If you donate over $25, I’ll play pretty much any game on my Steam library (full list here) for 30 minutes. Trust me, this is probably worth your money because I haven’t played most of the games on my Steam list and I’m fucking terrible at most of them.

I’m planning on streaming League of Legends, Civ V: Beyond Earth, and maybe some Don’t Starve and XCOM. And, if my friends are up for it, Payday 2. So there’s lots for you to pick to humiliate me.

Thank you so much – and thank you for helping the Oakland Children’s Hospital! I spent a lot of time working with them last year for Extra Life and they are an amazing bunch.

Donate now! Do it here! AND THANK YOU!


Games I’m Giving Away

Cave Story+,
Papers Please
Papo & Yo (2 copies up for grabs)
Strike Suit Zero
Surgeon Simulator


2 Comments on "Help me raise money for Extra Life and Oakland Children's Hospital!"

Solstice (Jason):
Oct 24, 2014 at 8:24pm
Your first (of many I expect) Donations. $25.00 for the kids. I posted on the Shack which Game I would like, also my twitter is @baradinthebard (I think you follow me already?)

Good luck, and keep up the amazing work for the Kids!!!!
Oct 26, 2014 at 11:31am
Hi Elizabeth!

I donated a little something for the Kids on your behalf :)
(and of course I forgot to write my comment on the Extra Life page)

Too bad that I missed your streaming... but for sure you can count on me for next year!

A huge THANK YOU for participating once again to Extra-Life, it's a wonderful cause!
It takes so much energy to play videogames for 24 hours in a row, so congratulations for that!

Now I hope you'll catch up quickly on your sleep ;)

Take care!!

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