A happy follow up

Last night I fired up XCOM: Enemy Unknown and lost myself in it for over an hour and a half (streaming - alas, I killed two of my viewers. SORRY GUYS.) After I ended, I got a friendly message from an XCOMer who had... yes, you are guessing correctly... watched the credits.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: I'm in them as the title that I had during the time I worked on the game.

Conspiracy theorists: keep on moving. I wasn't added in (the chap who took over after I left still has his old role listed.) Unfortunately, I can't really say more given the fact I keep mum about things I know from my time there. I can tell you that the game didn't cert before I left on May 24th and I also can say I'm stoked that I got to have my name in a game that is absolutely stunning and was a complete joy to work on.

Now, to work on getting my deleted 2K Games blog posts back... (Just kidding. I'll just use the wayback machine and hope to god they change their policy and stop taking out content as folks move on.)

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have some XCOM missions to daydream about.

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