on being the opposite of an obsessive bride.

you may think, from what i'm about to tell you, that i am an obsessive bride. to that, i'll say this: first off, i'm fucking nuts, and you know that if you know me, so you have to take what i'm doing within the context of how i do everything in my life. that being said, i know my wedding isn't until march 2012, but i know my release schedule this year and i know when work is going to rear up and punch me in the face. because of this, i know i actually have very little time to plan things as i won't be doing any of it in the spring, summer, and fall - that will be all work. no play.

anyway, as much as i hate all this girl stuff, there is one aspect of it i find redeeming: beating prices and trampling estimates more people have. i think having a $1000 cake to be ridiculous. finding one for under $500? FANTASTIC. DJ? good lord, at least give me a real DJ, not a wedding one. flowers? why the fuck do you spend thousands on flowers? i'll take $400 worth, please. i don't get the point.

this is a party. which means: great atmosphere, food, booze, and dancing. this is a milestone. which means: awesome photographs. beyond that? has to look good, and be fun. i'm not in some bridal pissing contest, and i'd much rather spend my money on trips or electronics.

anyway, so far, i think i've figured out these items: dress, shoes, flowers, DJ, venue, food, cake, flowers, photographer, hotels, honeymoon, registry, save the dates, invitations. what do i have left? hair and that girly shit, transportation and/or shuttles, rehearsal dinner, boy outfits, programs and other random crap.

pretty good, eh?

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