New apartment ahoy!

Last month, Mike and I moved in to a new apartment in San Francisco. Before, we'd always lived in big apartment complexes - in fact the one we came from was called a "luxury" apartment complete with pool we never used, yoga classes I missed because I worked too late, and barbecues that were always filled up by parties. Despite all of that, we liked the joint (it had a free 46" HDTV) - but the monthly false fire alarms and douchebags smoking by the hot tub outside our bedroom window at midnight made me curmudgeonly and surly, so we moved. (I also wanted a bigger place with hardwood floors and a gas stove, but surly is a valid reason, too.)

This new place is 1400 sq ft - nothing to sniff at compared to our oold 810 sq ft. I've been meaning to take photos of the place for a while now and I hope these do it justice.

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