on december 15th, 2007, little mini dachshund girl puppies were born. one is possibly a cream, but also possibly a light red. the other is a red, possibly a light red.

what does this mean?

a cream is like a golden retriever. english cream is the true term. a light red is like a golden retriever with a tiny bit of red highlight. english cream doxies go for a lot of money. red doxies, less so.

if this girl is a cream, she will be about double her price if she is "red".

i will be getting one of these puppies, and picking her up on february 9th.

here's your job. 1. tell me why getting a puppy is a terrible idea and i'm not ready for the responsibility and i will kill it. financially, i already have set aside the money for her first year bills. i've been planning her coming since... about a year ago, now. february of 2007, i believe. 10 months. 2. tell me which you think is cuter. the first, which is the possible cream, or the red, which will lighten up. all doxies lighten as they grow up.

and yes. i realize they both look like worms. they were born 2 days ago, after all.

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