oh my god, my world's are colliding.

today jed, emilia, and rob come from boston to play. which is awesomely incredible, as i haven't seen them since i left somerville. they arrive in about an hour and a half, and we're going to eat dim sum and then go over to loboca's place and drink and play games.

the hiliarity of this, of course, is that jed, emilia, and rob do drink, but do not play games. i just imagine the idea of them attempting guitar hero, or the ds, and i don't know whether to piss myself laughing, or die. all i can remember is them heckling me over puzzle pirates and WoW.

but the dread's fading, and i'm starting to get really excited. i'm off with mikey to look for more shot glasses and then buy some white russian goodness.

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