thought about snakes.

as most of you know, at 10 pm on thursday i saw the opening of snakes on a plane. and, i must say, it was FANTASTIC. much scarier, realistic, and gory than i thought (i sat with my legs up on the seat the whole time, as did my sister, and most of the time we were cowering together, holding hands and whimpering) but it was great.

and one of the best things about the experience was the crowd. we cheered. we laughed. we hooted. we wooped. it was like watching the high school football game against your more dire rival. but it was for samuel l. jackson. when the famous line came on, you couldn't eve hear it, we were all shouting so loud.

after a rough week, it was the jolt of happiness and adrenaline and joy that i needed. i feel like i can tap back into that night and still feel the pure wonder of it.

the shackers also made it worthwhile. we had a whole row, right smack dab in the middle of the theater. before the show started, you could peer down and see a dozen faces lit by the glow of nintendo DS lights, talking smack to one another as we played over wifi.

but, really, i want to talk about how people were "disappointed" that SoaP made only $15 million opening week-ish. this is average for a horror movie, and movie execs were hoping for a $20-30 million mark because of all the internet hype.

i am very glad it didn't make that mark. i'm glad it did average, and didn't fail (i know it will make its money up later, and in DVD sales), but if it HAD flown out the window and made $30 mil, we would have been bombarded with viral marketing, shitty B-movies, and "Internet Hype" with a style of some 40-year-old in a suit and a comb over trying to recreate a single strand of pure Jesus Christ awesomeness because he wants to line his pockets.

you don't mess with god.

and my god resides in the miracle that was snakes on a plane.

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