dead rising.

i really gotta stop shacking so much. (this, by the way, will never happen.)

there's such a thing called shackhype. it's when enough people rant and rave about the wonders of a game till no one can resist buying it. this happens to me a lot. my nintendo DS (like the best purchase EVER) is complete shack hype. in fact, most of my technology is shackhype. anyway.

right now, there's a game on the horizon called dead rising. basically, you're a journalist and you go to a town for a scoop and find out pretty much everyone's a zombie. you go to the mall to try and find safety, and there are zombies (and some survivors) there. so you have the run of the mall to make weapons and fuck shit up.

i'm terrified of zombies. i suck at first person shooters. and this game is for the xbox 360, which is a several hundred dollar console. the game itself is 60$. i know, if the stars were aligned perfectly and money was no option, eric would play this game while i cowered in fear behind my hands and whimpered like a little girl.

however. i want it. so bad.

so where's the best corner for streetwalkers, because i have to turn tricks and start saving up.

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Aug 03, 2006 at 5:55pm
actually Dead Rising is 3rd person, so you're okay!

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