thought about snakes.

as most of you know, at 10 pm on thursday i saw the opening of snakes on a plane. and, i must say, it was FANTASTIC. much scarier, realistic, and gory than i thought (i sat with my legs up on the seat the whole time, as did my sister, and most of the time we were cowering together, holding hands and whimpering) but it was great.

and one of the best things about the experience was the crowd. we cheered. we laughed. we hooted. we wooped. it was like watching the high school football game against your more dire rival. but it was for samuel l. jackson. when the famous line came on, you couldn't eve hear it, we were all shouting so loud.

after a rough week, it was the jolt of happiness and adrenaline and joy that i needed. i feel like i can tap back into that night and still feel the pure wonder of it.

the shackers also made it worthwhile. we had a whole row, right smack dab in the middle of the theater. before the show started, you could peer down and see a dozen faces lit by the glow of nintendo DS lights, talking smack to one another as we played over wifi.

but, really, i want to talk about how people were "disappointed" that SoaP made only $15 million opening week-ish. this is average for a horror movie, and movie execs were hoping for a $20-30 million mark because of all the internet hype.

i am very glad it didn't make that mark. i'm glad it did average, and didn't fail (i know it will make its money up later, and in DVD sales), but if it HAD flown out the window and made $30 mil, we would have been bombarded with viral marketing, shitty B-movies, and "Internet Hype" with a style of some 40-year-old in a suit and a comb over trying to recreate a single strand of pure Jesus Christ awesomeness because he wants to line his pockets.

you don't mess with god.

and my god resides in the miracle that was snakes on a plane.

the super-secret-e-mission, unveiled.

hi guys.

you may have noticed i was trying to draw some mystery around myself. (no? oh. okay. i'm going to tell you anyway.)

about a month ago, a shacker named warcrow messaged me and said that he wanted to start a gamer's podcast. he wanted people with very different backgrounds to participate. he gave me a lot of compliments to butter me up, but in the end, he basically said i was a knowledgable and well-known girl gamer, and he needed some feminine DNA in his podcast, and invited me to join.

his name is mark, and he is our overlord. aside from myself, chris remo, an employee of the shack and gaming journalist, also rants with us. we ran a test two weeks ago, and last monday, recorded our first show. of course, as first shows go, it's rough, and too long, but all-in-all, i've gotten great feedback and some nice ego stroking (thank you endlessly first to eddie, then to greg, and then to marcus.)

we're up live on itunes now (EGAD.) i suppose i can't pretend i'm not some sort of uber-geek anymore, eh?

here's a link to our website. i'm supposing if this keeps on rolling, we'll get ourselves a real web address. subscribe, be kind, but please leave feedback, negative as well as positive. and do know that next time we will go no longer than 45 minutes, probably have more musical interludes, keep our news topics limited and on topic, and generally, have our shit 1 more week together than this one.


adventuring with loboca.

so yesterday, loboca and i decided to go find us some furniture.

i got myself a chai, since i was dying of tired and nightmares, and then we went to 23rd and 6th-ish, to "straight from the crate". there, i found like 3 tables that would work for me. one little round thing with drop leaves, one pretty big dark table that opened HUGE, and a gateleg table that had folding chairs with it that stored inside it. also huge.

we also went to a futon place, where loboca considered the merits of faux-leather, and how, in nyc humidity, he would stick to it. we also talked about having a girlfriend is better than a dog, and where to get a microsuede couch.

afterwards, we came back to my apartment, where he reinvisioned my living room. i must actually flip where the couch and the tv are, and make myself a wall of bookshelves. all in all, he's a lot smarter than me.

today, i realized there was a "straight from the crate" 1 block from our work, so i brought eric there and we pretty much decided on purchasing the gateleg table, in a natural wood color.

i applaud loboca for being a superior interior decorator. now, he must pick out new overhead light, a paint color for my living room, and find me this tv/bookshelf set up that he has so amazingly put together.

ready? ready? GO.

friends. (?)

so friday, i rode down to soho and met up with david, the guy i used to work with at DS. i'm really glad that after about 2 months, we're still friends. we had lunch, i came back. and maybe it's the nice weather, whatever, standing in the sun waiting to cross the street, i thought, "jesus. if friends could be made into something physical, i would be holding a misshapen circle of glass, hand-blown and cool, and that would represent my friends."

i realize, upon typing that, i sound like a fruitcake. but that's how i describe it. beyond joey, i think i can actually add david to that column. which means he is officially The First Friend I Made In New York.

for the rest, mosey on over to here: http://orbit.vect.org/?nycshack3 (thanks mike!)
my shackmeet saturday night. god bless sarah's soul for coming with me, although she didn't stay the whole time. god bless eric's soul, for coming with me. we played guitar hero, ds, some ddr till a neighbor told us to stop. we drank, ate pizza, talked. i left a bit after 1. and i think, by god, these people... they might be my friends, too.

i don't know how to quantify and qualify a "real friend", as i always seem to choose the wrong ones or somehow wreck that thread. i don't know if it matters if they consider you a "friend". i really don't think so. i don't know if it's one-on-one interaction, or face-to-face interaction, or if it really matters at ALL whether anyone agrees on your friend categories other than yourself. i'm of the latter opinion. since the age of the internets, i've counted my friends as friends, regardless of their form. can't say they've always been great choices, but whatever. live and learn.

so to nyc shackers, and david? i suppose i tip my hat. apparently, i categorize you as a gooberish-feeling glass globe.

which is a compliment.