Top 10 Things I Like About San Francisco (and the Bay Area)

So we’re headed back to the East Coast next week after seven and a half years in California. If there’s one thing I have to say about the place it’s this: it grows on you. A lot.

Yes, yes: I still miss “East Coast” people. When I tell my friends I’m moving to NYC, they often say (even if they don’t know I’m from there) “ah, that makes sense. That’s more your speed.” And it’s true. In general, West Coasters are a bit more… mellow. Yeah, let’s call it mellow. The ones I’m closest to are transplants or, in the case of my best friends, odd balls who get an exemption from Being Californian.

All my griping aside, I will say this: I love San Francisco and the surrounding area. There is a bunch of stuff specific to my life I will miss (as well as general perks of the West Coast.) Simply put: there's a lot of stuff that you just can’t get in New York City or the tri-state region (at least, not nearly as conveniently.) So this blog post is an Ode to California and my very public acknowledgement that while I still believe y’all are going to fall into the ocean someday in an earthquake, I think you are pretty neat.

Here are the things that I will miss and love the most in California.

  1. my best friends
  2. outdoor, year-round boot camp (thanks BCSF!)
  3. a really big apartment (yay rent stabilization from 2010)
  4. my kickass hairdresser
  5. being able to go to a mountain, beach, or pretty much anywhere else by car within 90 minutes
  6. a plethora of outdoor, off-leash, dog friendly spaces
  7. SPQR (amazing restaurant, we’ve been going for years.)
  8. Philz Coffee (and their gluten free donuts. Seriously, best donuts ever, gluten or otherwise)
  9. Ariake sushi (holy shit it’s so good. They are so nice.)
  10. Volcano Curry (dude. I really like my food.)

Honorable mentions:

  • Assab Eritrean (best Ethiopian and nicest owners ever.)
  • Rustic Bakery (North Bay with a quiche that I will dream of.)
  • The fact that living in perpetual drought is lame but also makes for some great fucking weather.

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