Weights and Measures

For the past couple years I've been on a pretty hardcore fitness kick. I'm not one for crazy diets or workout regimens - I've subscribed to the belief that if you eat a little less while paying attention to the content of that food and couple that with lifting weights and ramping up cardio, you'll be a healthier person. 

Today I tracked down some measurements from March of 2007 that a friend of mine took for me and compared it to the measurements my boot camp instructor took in July this year. I'm pretty pysched about the comparison.

In March, I worked out in a gym - light weights, no trainer, maybe a couple miles on an elliptical. I remember the first time I ran a mile in 10 minutes in that gym. I thought I was going to die. 

Compared to today, I go to boot camp twice a week where we regularly run 2-3 miles with 9ish minute miles and do hill and other fun sprints plus fairly rigorous strength training. Banging out 3-5 miles on a trail is pretty fun and I dont dread it at all. I also haven't stepped foot in a gym in well over a year. 

In addition to that, I've been logging all the food and drink I take in with myfitnesspal. At first, it was a bit cumbersome, but now it's a habit I actually really like (115 days and counting on that trend.) I don't eat drastically different, either. I just eat less crap and when I do eat crap, I eat less of it. That's not to say after our 7 mile hike last weekend I didn't immediately go to In-n-Out and chow down on a burger and fries: it's that I ONLY do that once or twice a year when I've busted my ass for such a treat. Same goes for alcohol. That's a pleasure, not a right, and your flab is going to dock you for it if you overdo it. 

So, here are the stats:

weight: 145 lbs (2007) – 149 (2014)
chest: 37.75" (2007) – 38.75” (2014)
bicep: 11.5" (2007) – 12.5” (2014)
thigh: 21" (2007) – 22.5” (2014)
calf: 14" (2007) – 14.75 (2014)
waist: 32.75" (2007) – 31.75” (2014)

Measurements I don't have from 2007: 

shoulders: 38.5” (2014)
large waist: 35.5” (2014)
hips: 38.5” (2014)
body comp: 28.6% fat (2014) (I'm going to assume this was +3-5% in 2007 - the main reason some of my measurements are bigger now is because I have a lot more muscle on my legs and arms.) 

Also, I have a couple other fun stats from bootcamp to share, mainly situps and pushup times with ACSM percentiles. 

1.5 mile - 15:30 (40%)
38 situps in a minute (85%)
21 pushups on knees till failure (50%)

63 situps in a minute (99%)
25 pushups on knees till failure (65%)

1.5 mile - 15:30 (40%)
67 situps in a minute (99%)
28 pushups on knees till failure (70%)

81 situps in a minute (99%)
40 pushups on knees till failure (99%)

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