Boot camp: making numbers bigger

Since October, 2012, Mike and I have been going to boot camp in Golden Gate Park at least twice a week (barring times we’re traveling out of state or are too ill to go). It’s been an amazing experience: the discipline of going, no matter the weather or mood or what’s going on at work, and the adventure of learning new things and actually getting better at the hard stuff. While this boot camp isn’t zomg hardcore military stuff, it’s no walk in the park. A typical day will include 3 sets of weight training, between which you’ll run on average of 300 stairs (150 up and down).

Yesterday was the first of a new session, and that means assessment time. I hadn’t been assessed since knee surgery, so I was anxious to see how I was doing. I’m pretty stoked with my results. But, to put it in perspective, I want to show you all three of my assessments over the past two years.

First assessment: October 1, 2012. Fitness level: averaged running 2.4-5 miles 2-4 times a week. No other exercise.

Push ups (till failure): 17 (recorded on the site as 21 but I remember differently!)
Sit ups (in one minute): 26 (lol wtf elizabeth - site says 38 but I trust my own records more)
1.5 mile run: 14:57 minutes (the website says 15:30, though)

Second assessment: September 30th, 2013 Fitness level: this test took place two weeks after I was allowed to walk again, so take that as you will.

Push ups (till failure): 25
Sit ups (in one minute): 63
1.5 mile run: didn’t do, for obvious reasons.

Third assessment: February 24th, 2014 Fitness level: better, but I haven’t been running consistently outside of boot camp and my knee still hurts.

Push ups (till failture): 28
Sit ups (in one minute): 68
1.5 mile run: 14:58 minutes, with a 1 mil split at 9:57.

Suffice it to say I’m really, really, really happy with my results. I’ve never been a fast runner, so keeping my time to 10 min/mile is excellent (I can’t imagine ever trying to get much faster, actually). And the fact that I’m still killing it with push ups and sit ups is awesome, too.

Here’s to another assessment in 6-12 weeks. I’m looking forward to making those numbers bigger.

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