on the topic of video games, social networking, and the fact i'm not working right now.

frequently, i talk about the internet, forums, twitter/facebook or other social networking with both incredulity and disgust. it's not really disgust - it's really fascination and admiration and a little bit of embarrassment - but i find myself saying stuff like "and i find that hilarious and awesome and it also makes me want to punch myself in the face a little bit." for example: i have a lot of work relationships that are maintained and thrive via twitter. now, i love twitter. not only is it awesome for 2K Games, but it's also awesome for me - for example, my best friend felicia just moved to australia. if i ever want to talk to her, texting is out of the question, but twitter is just as (if not more) effective. and there are also nifty bonuses like meeting people from the microsoft team that unless they tweeted, i really would have never known. example on this: last night i was playing fable III on my 360 and i was invited to play a racing game (NFS) with e from MS. never met the guy, only ever tweet with him, but spent over an hour kicking the shit out of some MS guys (and other folks who i didn't recognize) in a smash-em-up game.

now what's the point of me typing all of this? in a nutshell: not much. my two community managers are standing behind me playing one of our unreleased titles and i find it wildly distracting to work while two people are bantering not two feet from my back. also, because i'm staring at tweetdeck on my other monitor, thinking about how it's an amazing amalgamation of keeping in touch with people, meeting new people, and in general maintaining and strengthening relationships - yet i doubt i would have used twitter personally had it not been for mike. he started tweeting before me and i begrudgingly began because he would not tell me things because he tweeted them and forgot to relay the story verbally to me later. today? i have over 200 more tweets than him.

addicted? no. i have it open at work. it's part of my job. not an excuse i say! A VALID REASON.

anyway: need for speed, fantastic. fable III, fantastic. WoW: Cataclysm? fantastic. twitter? definitely fantastic.

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