Greetings and hello!

Well, hello there! You might have noticed some changes around the blog – and I wanted to give you a bit of a rundown on the hows and whys and what’s of everything new.

When I started this blog in 2006, blogs were more of the “internet journaling” type deal – and I used mine as such. I’m quite happy I did, also, because I have a nice record of some otherwise mundane memories – but as time passed, I got a pretty public-facing job, moved across the country, and the landscape of the internet changed, this blog has morphed pretty substantially. Particularly when I moved, it served as a great place to tell stories to my friends and family one time and have them all talk about it. However, just because I choose to be a public figure doesn’t mean the people I know signed up for it, so this space, albeit a banal one, was more of a private affair.

This is 2010, though, and I’ve found that I want a space to say my personal piece apart from anything work-related and without being limited to the 140 characters on my Twitter account. (It’s astonishing how long I’ve been able to go with that 140 character thing, though, which goes to show you how amazingly riveting this blog is going to be.) (Just kidding.) (Maybe not kidding.) I toyed with starting a new blog, but that seemed pretty silly and redundant – and regardless, maybe my father would want to read about my crazy San Francisco exploits, or how I tried to make a $10 lasagna – and it would be silly to have those posts split up in two different places or duplicated across accounts. And so, my utterly amazing fiancé (who built the back end of this here blog) made a couple quick adjustments so that I can talk about all the video game news, cooking fiascos, and Jejuning journeys I want while still keeping my Christmas vacations separate.

For all of you who have visited before and seen the splash screen defining the word “staircase” – welcome. If you are wondering why staircase, because I thought it was awesome, and I still think it’s awesome. I mean, staircase. Seriously. And if you are one of those folks who know about the spoon, well you can use that space right over there --> and tell me about it. (And for all you others, don’t worry about the spoon. It’s just a coffee spoon and it only talks about Christmases. If you think this is dull, you definitely don’t want to traverse down that winding patch.)

Also: I wrote this post twice. The first time had more quippy lines in it, a place where I called blogs Hot Shit, and a stumbling paragraph where I somehow admitted to only have seven friends. Then, when I hit “post” everything went kaboom due to one last bug Mike hadn’t worked out of the new system. I, being a creative writer, am not very smart, so hadn’t saved a backup of that post. So you get this. But I’m telling you about THAT post in case you are disappointed in THIS one. You know. Escape goat.


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Nov 15, 2010 at 4:28pm
"Escape goat" - love it.

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