shake shack ahoy!

so last friday, mikey came and interviewed at my company. i heard his voice in the hallway and thought "OH GOD OH GOD DON'T LAUGH I HOPE I DON'T HAVE TO SEE HIM." it was super mature.

i'm betting 70% odds on him. since no one else is currently in the interviewing lineup, i'd say that's conservative... but you never know. something could happen and a more senior person could come in, be totally affordable, and beat him out. but senior people generally get bored faster. and anyway. he IS the coolest guy on the internet.

regardless. afterward loboca, mikey, sergeon, and eric came to the shake shack and we all got shack attack shakes (concretes but whatever they were supposedly drinkable) and shack burgers. and then portax showed up, because portax has a knack for saying he has to be somewhere else and blowing off my invitations, then showing the fuck up. i suppose that's flattering, eh? anyway.

loboca went back to work, because he's like that, and we went to midtown comics because eric wanted a green lantern ring. which... he actually wears... to work. it's plastic. and green.

i date this boy.

after that, i bought some pots for plants at work, and went home.

i have some great tonsil/work nightmares for you coming up, by the way. STAY TUNED!

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Jun 20, 2006 at 6:17pm
70% eh? that's pretty good I guess! money hats! (maybe?)

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