love goes out to g0nk.

so i have a piece of shit phone. seriously. i got my phone back in boston when i was smitten with a boy that i shouldn't have been. he got this slider kyocera phone in blue and i was like "OMG I WILL TOTALLY GET THAT PHONE IN SILVER AND THEY CAN GET FRIENDS". i was 21 at the time. i have no fucking idea why i was acting like i was 12.

anyway. the phone blows ass. the boy went away, but the phone remained. (remember this lesson, women. it is a very important one for your lives.) after 3 batteries and 2 chargers, i decided, it's just a piece of shit. ration my calls to like, 1/2 an hour a day, and the battery will get through. fine.

but when, last week, it turned off 4 times of it's own accord in a day... the war was on. that shit don't stand.

so ebay seemed sketchy, it was too expensive to buy a new phone through a store without signing up for a plan, so i turned to the beloved shack and asked for advice, and said, "if you have a phone you'd like to offer up, i'm pathetic. please do!"

g0nk came through.

basically, he said that good had been done to him on the shack, and he was paying it forward. he priority mailed me the phone, and yesterday, i went to verizon and set it up. it's a motorola v710, and if you compare it to the kyocera slider, you'll realize, i was salivating. this thing is hot. 1. it has a camera, and a video camera (albeit not great quality but whatever), it has blue tooth, and, the charge holds and it doesn't turn off whenever it gets bored.

i'm in love with g0nk.

g0nk, g0nk, g0nk, how i love thee. let me count the ways. awesome phone: 1 million.

anyway, here are my pictures of the old, the new, and the hot miso phone love:

http://www.dahanese.com/phonio/old_and_busted.jpg <<< stupid kyocera of doom

http://www.dahanese.com/phonio/new_hawtness.jpg <<< g0nk is a saint

http://www.dahanese.com/phonio/willing_model.jpg <<< miso hates his life

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Jun 06, 2006 at 11:49pm
lol! glad you like, :) *hugs*

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